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WheelzWorld, official distributor of Gotway in Switzerland, offering from the smallest & lightest Wheel up to the fastest in the world! Spécialist of custom and performant electric unicycle. Models are available with different batterie capacities going up to 160km d'autonomy! gotway Switzerland, gotway distributor, gotway, Switzerland, distributor, gotway distributor Switzerland, MCM4, gotway MCM4, gotway MCM4s, gotway MCM4 HS, MCM2, gotway MCM2, MCM2s, gotway MCM2s, MCM, gotway MCM, MSuper, gotway Msuper, gotway Msuper HS, gotway super 18, gotway ACM, gotway ACM HS, electric unicycle, electric unicycle Switzerland, electric unicycle performant, fastest electric unicycle, electric unicycle off-road, best electric unicycle, E-Wheel, fast E-wheel, E-Wheel off-road, best E-Wheel, e-roue, e-roue fast, e-roue off-road, best e-roue, monowheel, monowheel fast, monowheel off-road, best monowheel, monowheel electric, monowheel electric fast, monowheel electric off-road, best monowheel electric, electric uni wheel, air-wheel, solowheel, firewheel, rockwheel, IPS, uniwheel,

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